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Training and Mentoring

Training: Over the years WSI has continually evolved all of its training to meet market needs. This industry is continually changing and growing with new technologies, services, and products. WSI’s focus is not just the initial training; it is about continually training and upgrading franchisees’ knowledge. The initial training is comprehensive beginning with a 6 week home study program, followed by 7-days of Training at WSI’s Head Office in Toronto, Canada. Once you have completed this training, you will be assigned a coach to assist you over your firsts 3 months to ensure you are developing the right habits and achieving the results you are looking for. We will walk you through our training and allow you access to our Applicant Learning Center once you have begun the process with a WSI Franchise Consultant and we’ll go into much greater detail on our training.

Mentoring Your New Business

Consultants starting their businesses in the North of England will be invited to train and work within WSI Yorkshire, one of the leading consultancies, where they can work for 4-6 weeks while they set up their own business. They can understand their products, services and learn from real life situations shaddowing one of our leading consultants.