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Support: Support is obviously the key to success of every franchisee in every industry. At WSI we have developed a support structure to assist every franchisee no matter what level of knowledge they have or how long they have been with the company. The initial support begins as soon as you complete your formal training. This is what is called the Quick Start Program (QSP). You will be assigned a coach to assist you with your business during your first 3 months. This program is designed to ensure you developing the right habits that will drive your business to success.

The next level of support is WSI’s Mentoring Program whereby one Franchisee will align with a seasoned Franchisee (a Mentor). One of the main benefits of working alongside a Mentor is that you will quickly learn the difference between mark-up mentality pricing for your services and value pricing for your services. Most new Franchisees don’t fully understand the true value they are able to bring to a client and therefore undercharge. A Mentor will help you better understand the value you bring.

We then have our Area Reps in a number of regions that oversee larger regions and will assist a number of franchisees with possible marketing initiatives, collaboration on working larger projects and ongoing training in the region. These individuals have been with the company for several years and have achieved a certain degree of success so we know our franchisees are in good hands when they work alongside them.