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Low Overhead & Scalable

Low Overhead & Scalable: One of the greatest challenges with most new businesses is lack of capital. At WSI you don’t have many of the traditional costs of starting and running a business. Most businesses require you to purchase or lease a building, hire and train staff, warehouse products, invest heavily into advertising, wait at the location hoping someone will come in, and maintain very structured hours 7 days a week. At WSI, you can run the business from your own home, there is no hiring of staff unless you wish to grow your business and add more sales consultants to meet client demand. You don’t need to hire staff to create the products for your clients as WSI provides you with an exclusive eMarketplace of suppliers to provide you with the products and services needed. You never have to warehouse anything as you don’t purchase anything until your client pays you. You are in the enviable position of opening the doors when you want each day and closing them when you want. If you want to pick the kids up after school and take them to their soccer game then you have the flexibility to do so. You are your own boss who sets his or her own schedule, you work with who you want to work with when you want , and you can grow this business as large as you want and not put yourself in a difficult financial position.