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Internet Marketing: A Franchise Opportunity with Unlimited Potential

Congratulations! You’re about to make one of the best decisions of your life – starting your own business. Being your own boss means freedom from lay-offs, downsizing, redundancy and other risks now associated with corporate careers. However, not all industries are created equal. A tough economy has put unprecedented pressures on what were once booming industries. Franchising is one strong way to ensure that you are in business for yourself, but never alone or by yourself. Franchising with WSI insulates you further against industry downturns – the internet marketing industry has only one way to go – UP!

While budgets are shrinking, the ways to connect with consumers are actually growing. What’s the best channel to reach the super-engaged, or lightly engaged- consumer? Of course, the answer is internet marketing to all channels of today’s communication.

Let’s put this in perspective with an example of the power of social media: consider this; in 2011, Starbucks gets 1.8 million visitors to its website every month, Coca Cola some 270,000. By contrast their Facebook pages get 19.4 million and 22.5 million respectively, roughly 10 times the traffic, and every one of those people has given those companies permission to talk to them.

For business owners, the big ‘a-ha’ moment is when they finally realize that their internet presence is being defined by the consumer world, not the reverse. The WSI Franchise opportunity teaches you how to make businesses, your clients, more proactive in internet marketing. This means when people start Tweeting or posting on Facebook that they’re planning a holiday or buying a car, they can be approached pro-actively. The business can come to the consumer instead of the other way round.

Internet Marketing Services: Add Value to Customers and Expand Your Business

We live in an age where brand loyalty is hard to earn and harder to keep. Individuals trust each other’s experiences and instincts much more than they trust brands and organizations. Operating in this environment as a business owner, you know that you can never take success for granted. Customer satisfaction is no longer determined by the quality of your products and services; quality is a given, a must-have. It’s the additional value and one-stop shop profile that will separate you from your competitor.

In a digitized global economy, the Internet and online marketing are the great enablers that will open up new doors and keep old ones from closing on you. How?

  • Education or entertainment, shopping or business, socializing or new gathering; youth, adult or seniors; everyone is online today for a variety of reasons.
  • Internet Marketing Consultants and expert resources are in high demand.
  • In a typical demand-supply situation, with increasing demand comes a surge of “suppliers”.
  • But businesses and organizations want to be able to turn to someone they can trust, someone who has proven to be a reliable partner and business advisor in the past.

That’s the opportunity for YOU and YOUR business.

An opportunity that owning a WSI Internet Marketing franchise can help you leverage and profit from. Discover whether a WSI franchise will fulfill your business goals and objectives, and most importantly, your clients’ needs. Fill out this brief evaluation form .

Types of Businesses that Maximize the Benefits of adding a WSI Franchise

Advertising agencies, printing companies, publishing houses, direct marketers, graphic design companies, direct mail houses; these are some of the early adopters who have jumped in to add internet marketing services to their portfolio. It’s not surprising, however, for a business owner to ask their accountant, lawyer, doctor, home renovator, office automation supplier, software services vendor and other associates to make recommendations about online marketing companies. No matter what business you are in currently, if you have a customer base that trusts your advice and quality, you can enhance your offering to them via your WSI Internet Marketing franchise.

As a certified WSI Internet Marketing franchisee, no prior technical experience is needed as all products and services are delivered through a private global e-marketplace. Internet Marketing is a billion dollar industry and can be seamlessly integrated into your current business offering. You will be able to offer your clients a full range of services such as social media marketing, website development, mobile marketing, e-learning, online lead generation, email marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization, content marketing, online advertising, and so on.

Equip yourself with the tools required to bring additional value to customers and enhance your business offering. To know more about how you can add on a WSI Internet Marketing franchise to your existing business, contact us today.
Why choose WSI Internet Marketing?

  • We offer your business more than one way to open a door and win new customers
  • We Simply the Internet – providing all the necessary Internet Marketing resources, training and tools
  • Vast knowledge bank in over 80 countries – a virtual powerhouse of intellectual capital!
  • International portfolio of tens of thousands of Internet Marketing solutions and businesses
  • If you are not servicing your clients with leading edge internet media solutions, know that someone else will.