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The Following information is required in evaluating your qualifications to be awarded a WSI franchise. Should you qualify and a mutual interest develops, additional information may be required. This form must be completed before continuing with the WSI franchise selection process.

The information you provide will be treated in the fullest confidence and privacy. Completing this questionnaire does NOT obligate you or WSI in any way. If more than one person (or couple) will be involved, please attach a separate completed form.

Have you had prior interest in operating your own business/franchise?
How long have you been looking to start a new business?
Have you ever owned or operated your own business?
If yes, what type?
In terms of purchasing a business/franchisee I am...

Do you have experience in...  
Will you devote full-time to your business/franchise?
If yes, please submit a completed questionnaire for each person participating in the business.
What level of income do you expect/require to draw from the business per year?
In which geographical area are you interested in establishing a business?
If awarded a WSI franchise, how soon are you able to begin your training?
Which social, civic, fraternal, professional or other organization do you belong to, if any?
EDUCATION Do not complete this section if you are providing a Resume or C.V.
  Name of School Location of School Year Graduated Certificate or Degree earned
High School
Other (include graduate school)
Other education or training
Computer skills training
EMPLOYMENT Do not complete this section if you are providing a Resume or C.V.
Current Employment
Type of Business
Start Date
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Previous Employment
Type of Business
Start Date
Finish Date
What is your total Net Worth?


I certify that the information provided on this questionnaire is complete and accurate. It is understood that this is a preliminary application and does not bind any party to any obligation. We thank you for your interest in the WSI franchise opportunity.

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