Mobile Takes 12% of the UK’s Paid Search Clicks for December

According to recently released data mobiles and tablets combined accounted for 12% of all UK paid search clicks in December.

This 12% share of paid search clicks actually represents a 49% increase in click share as percentage of the total paid search clicks since October.

Paid Search Past Comparisons

Over the same period the Quarterly UK Advertising Report found that the spend share of tablet and mobile devices increase to a 7.5% share of overall search spend which in an increase of 29%.


According to Marin the imbalance between the mobile click share (12%) & mobile spend share (7.5%) highlights favourable performance conditions for mobile advertisers.

When compared to desktop search, volumes are growing faster than budgets which is resulting in less expensive clicks for advertisers on mobile marketing campaigns.

Across all web enabled devices there was an increase of 43% in paid search volumes, click-through rates increased by 24% & cost per click decreased 5% during Quarter 4 of 2011 on a year over year basis.

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